Voice Interaction Technology:将在未来网络搜索中“唱主_万赢网

Voice Interaction Technology:将在未来网络搜索中“唱主

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Western media reported on September 23 that experts pointed out that by 2020, half of the Internet search will be completed through voice, and dialogue with the machine will be a real marketing revolution.

智能营销公司“巴塞罗那虚拟”创始人兼总裁保罗·弗莱明说:“声音将带来一种深刻的范式变化。”他指出,声音的互联网是“新的联系窗口,是人与人之间一种创新的交互系统”。Today, we are the recipients of the "what do you need? ''Questionn, opening up new experiences in voice communication and becoming absolute protagonists. Some experts believe the new system could be called the "direct Internet" or the "Natural Internet" .


语音助手能够提供关于新闻和整个世界的更亲密体验和更细微的对话,非常有效,且几乎没有干扰。Access to information and management of knowledge will change dramatically with the addition of important factors such as speech.


Integrating voice into Internet of things devices is creating a new user experience that consumers around the world are optimistic about, the report said. One in five adults in the United States uses a smart voice assistant, the first statistics show.